Friday, August 29, 2008

Sam and Nate: Seniors 2009

Let me introduce you to two rad dudes. My cousin Sam and my bro-in law Nate are both graduating from high school this upcoming year and I had the privilege of taking their senior portraits last weekend. It was really fun to hang out with both of these guys. They are studs and I am stoked to know them (and be related to them).


Sam and Uncle Scott had location scouting duties for this shoot and boy did the pick a winner. Can you say abandoned train station? We went at a perfect time of day.

Sam wants to go to college and study music to be a worship leader at a church which is pretty rad. Yes, rad. So we took a few shots of him with the guitar.



And last but not least, a classic senior picture.

The next morning was Nate. Nate and my sister-in-law Becky and I headed last Saturday morning to downtown Riverside and found some cool spots to shoot. We had a blast quoting Napolean Dynamite and seeing the many face of Nate. My lips hurt real bad...





Thanks again guys!

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Hanssie said...

Cool railroad tracks. What fun places you found for the shoot. Love it!