Friday, August 22, 2008

Soundtrack (pairs well with life)

Days like today are nice. In some ways. Not in the "I am having tons of crazy fun with my wife" kind of way (because she is saving lives today). But more in the "I am getting a ton of stuff done and actually having fun doing it" kind of way.

The church that I work at is very kind and generous to give us staff Fridays off (seeing as how Sunday is somewhat of a working day for us). Hence, Fridays (or Saturdays depending on when Cory is working) have officially been dubbed as "Bust it OUT" days. Times for me to get things done. Whether it be things for photography, things around the house or soon to be studying for seminary graduate school classes I am taking (I start next Thursday). For example, today is partially a photography "Bust it OUT" day (I have got some HUGE things coming up soon that I am pretty psyched about!).

Now, to many of us, a day to bust it out probably doesn't sound like a lot of fun. And sometimes, I would have to agree. Cranking out your to do list at a whirling dervish pace sound like the perfect plan for a day off? By itself, not hardly. However, I am firm believer that you can make most of the things of life enjoyable if you have a good attitude and put to your mind to it. Let's just say that in using this back in college, I was able to even make doing accounting homework slightly enjoyable. Go figure.

Here's what I've found that helps me sometimes. Pair it with a sountrack. If you are doing accounting, make the accounting mix. If you are trying to get a lot of things done at work, make the "Bust it OUT" mix. If you are at the dentist, well.....maybe you can't have a soundtrack for everything.

I've found that listening to just the right mix of music helps me to enjoy tasks that aren't always enjoyable. In college, some mocked that I spent the first 30 minutes of my paper-writing time making a sweet mix. However, I believe that 30 minutes to be well spent. It helped me relax while writing (which in turn made my writing better) and helped make the process more enjoyable.

Now, I understand that we can't always make the tasks we do enjoyable and "fun" shouldn't be the guiding principle that determines what we will or won't do. Running suicides in basketball practice wasn't ever fun, but I am sure glad that I did it. But when you can, make a soundtrack for your day. It just might help you enjoy it that much more and give you more cause to be thankful to the Lord for the life and schedule He has given you.

In light of all of this, I thought I would share one of Cory and I's soundtracks for The Great Blakey Vacation. Driving=not always fun. Driving with your wife by your side and a sweet soundtrack filling the car=sweet!

1. Life in Technicolor- Coldplay.
(I am digging the new Coldplay album and I think this first instrumental track was a brilliant way to start it off).
2. Never know- Jack Johnson.
(What would a drive up the California coast be without Jack along for the ride?)
3. Fallen from the sky- Glen Hansard.
4. Almost Like Being in Love- Frank Sinatra.
5. Love you Madly- Cake
(not your typical song by Cake)
6. Fix You- Coldplay.
(Something about the instrumental part in the middle of this song ALWAYS gives me a boost of energy)
7. Mr. Pitiful- Matt Costa
8. The District Sleeps Alone Tonight- The Postal Service
(WHEN will these guys come out with another album?)
9. Mas Que Nada- Black Eyed Peas
10. Modern Nature- Sondre Lerche
11. Your Heart is an Empty Room- Death Cab for Cutie.
12. Nothing from Nothing- Billy Preston
13. Viva la Vida- Coldplay
(still not quite sure what the lyrics mean, but love the energy of the song)
14. Banana Pancakes- Jack Johnson
15. Gloomy (iTunes exclusive)- Matt Costa
16. You can't resist her- Weezer
(I always grab air drums during the ending instrumental part- a workout in itself. I am trying to get Cory to pick up the air guitar part. So far she's reluctant...)
17. Why Does it Always Rain on Me- Travis
18. Snails- The Format
19. Falling in Love At a Coffee Shop- Landon Pigg
Life pairs well with a soundtrack (what's yours?).

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