Monday, November 26, 2007

Meet the Molsberrys

On Sunday, we had a crazy fun session with the Molsberry family! In true Molsberry fashion, it was a festival of conviviality and Cory and I really enjoyed it. Mark is on High School staff with us at the church so we knew him fairly well before the shoot, but did not know his family as well. However, I knew if they were anything like Mark, it was sure to be a fun time full of energy! It didn't dissapoint.

A Papa Sandwhich.

Emma- even though she is the smallest, I think she has the most energy! What a cutie!

Ethan-aka Tobey Maguire

Emotion. Captured.

What a good lookin' kid!

One of my favorite things to do towards the beginning of a shoot is ask the family to jump. It loosens everyone up, releases the hounds of fun, and makes for some pretty great photos!

The Molsberrys-thank you so much for spending time with us! We had a blast!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

The End of the Live Blog

So here it is, the end of the day. And what a day it was!!! We had such a great time with all here today. Here are some of the final images from the day! It was a fun day to live blog! Thanks Scott and Melissa for having us over!!!
All of us.

BETH did a great job cooking the turkey. Ken helped too.

Beth, Aubrey and Melissa.

Wow!!! Doesn't this make you want to eat it all over again!!!

Here is Maddie and my bride rocking the goofy faces...

Scott and Melissa in front of the wreath.



Kale Burns. AKA Spiderman.

Ken and Beth. They cook a mean turkey. Watch out Bobby Flay.

Introducing Chloe Burns

Due to the fact that some of you have not seen Chloe Burns, I decided to share some photos that I took of Chloe throughout today.


So, I am pretty sure that you will be seeing these settings on some show on HGTV sometime soon. That's what I call "nice plating" without the food...


This year Cory and I are celebrating a day of Thankfulness at the Burns ranch with some of our best friends and those who are our spiritual family. We will be blogging throughout the day so check back often.
The casa.
Busting out the lens generated some curiousity.
Melissa with the newest addition, Chloe.
The Kale.
Donovan was showing off his strength here by holding up his son Augie by only his fingertips. He is also showing off his favorite pajama pants.
Avery gets the "Poser" award for the morning. Melissa is almost done with the settings so we will be firing up another blog soon!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Thought I would share a few pics with the new lens. I am thankful to the Lord for an extra hour of sleep tonight.