Friday, August 15, 2008

Our final day of vacation and larger photos!

After a great dinner and Ice Cream with our good friends the Rehrer's and the blogless MacClennan's Cory and I drove back into San Fran for our final day of vacation. By an overwhelming majority, our activity for the morning had been chosen as riding a crazy go kart all over San Francisco. Ride we did. (Truth be told, we had already purchased our tickets for the Go Car before we put up the poll. I had faith that my readers would choose wisely). Below are some photos from our final day.

Oh yes, got to love San Fran.
We stayed in the uber-swanky Union Square...
...At the Westin St. Francis Hotel. Besides from the fact that the hotel didn't have a pool, Cory and I were pretty sure that this was possibly the coolest hotel we had ever stayed in. We had a corner room overlooking Union Square and had windows that could open so we could get a better view and hear the sounds of the city below. Cory and I love staying at the Westin and so if any of you blog readers are secretly high-up in the Westin Organization, hook us up! We'll be glad to test out any room you would like us to.
After a crazy relaxing evening and some watching of the Olympics, Cory and I awoke the next morning and headed up the block to Sears Fine Food (name dropped by Josh Cook as the best breakfast place in San Fran). It was cool. We walked right in and were instantly sat at one of two window tables looking out at the street in the whole place. Service was great and the food was delish. It didn't dissapoint. As we were eating, we saw the line steadily begin to form until it was out the door.
Before our Go Car adventure, we loaded up on some Joe at the Starbucks in the Sir Francis Drake hotel down the block. We wanted to be sure that our energy level matched the 50cc's of unfettered adrenaline our Go Car was going to be pumping out.
And off we went! Let me just say that this experience was officially off the chain. You may think that driving the hilly and numerous one-way streets of downtown San Francisco is intense in your car, think again. It was such a rush to literally be right in the middle of traffic in our little Go Car. The looks we got were phenomenal, we got to see parts of the city that I had never seen before and let me just say that this thing is pretty easy to park.
I let Cory drive for a while.
We cruised by the Golden Gate....

Found a cool door....
And even went down Lombard Street. Above you can see the entrance and you can get somewhat of an idea how how steep the street must be. Unfortunately, due to the fact that we had to keep both hands firmly on the brakes so as to not careen down the turns out of control, we weren't able to get pictures that showed the full scale of our descent. Here is what we did get...
Overall we had a great time on our Go Car adventure. The next time we go, we are definitely renting them for a whole day and going all over the place.
We returned our Go Car near Ghiradelli Square and then headed down to the wharf for some Clam Chowder from the Fisherman's Grotto. It was really good. So good in fact that it disappeared before we had the chance to photograph it. After that, we decided that it would be a good idea to hop on a cable car back. Unfortunately, if you want to "hop" on a cable car, you don't do it at the main station. After waiting for an hour in line and listening to some fella play (and poorly I might add) cover songs on an out of tune electrical guitar and then being shoved into a cable car, I decided that the Cable Car was prolly the worst idea of the whole trip. If you are ever in San Fran, know the Cable Cars are overrated. My advice? Get a Go Car.

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The Hofs said...

We concur!! The cable cars.....long line & then being stuffed (like sardines) in to the car =( I wish we had known about the Go Cars when we were in SanFran! Steve & I would have had a blast!!! Glad you two had fun =)