Monday, August 11, 2008

A little bit of Day 3!

Cory and I woke up to a somewhat cloudy Monterey morning and decided to head down to the somewhat touristy but still enjoyable Cannery Row for some breakfast.
Few things are better than crepes in the morning...
I had the nutella + banana, Cory had the nutella + strawberry.
We then drove up towards San Fran and stopped at the world's coolest Taco Bell for some tacos in Pacific, CA. Say what you want to about Taco Bell, but I think that this location says everything. Check out the view below from the back deck of the Taco Bell.
Our main reason for heading to San Fran yesterday was to meet up with Josh Cook for him to take some rocking awesome pictures of Cory and I. He is moving soon to Boulder, Colorado and so we wanted to get together with him before he takes off next week. He does amazing work and if any of you know anyone in Boulder who needs some awesome photographs taken, check him out. Because he is moving and has a lot of work to do in the near future, he probably won't be able to get to our images for a little bit, but he was ok with me posting a few of them here on the blog! Thanks again Josh!
We will be posting tomorrow's poll in a few minutes!

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Bobby Blakey said...

Yo Bill and Cory, Great to see the ole T-bell in Pacifica! Have a great rest of the trip!