Saturday, August 9, 2008

Day 1

Day 1. It was spectaculous! Cory and I had a blast! We first drove from Corona to Santa Clarita and ate at the original Stonefire Grill. Can't really top that as the first meal of the vacation. BBQ chopped salad with tri-tip and a half basket of breadsticks. Yummo!
Not only did we get to go to Stonefire. We got a Rockstar spot. Can you spot our Honda in this picture?
WE ASKED. YOU VOTED. WE DONE DID. That's right we went to the world famous Santa Barbara Zoo and hung out with some cool animals and tried to do our best impersonations of them. WE WOULD LOVE FOR YOU TO VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE in the comment box below! The loser (between Cory and I) will have to buy dinner tonight!
Cory. As a penguin (notice the feet).
To be more true to the original picture, Cory asked my cousins Megan and Jillian to jump in on the picture with her.
The king of the jungle. Can't imitate that.
Meerkat (I think this one was on Meerkat manor on the Discovery Channel last season)
Cousin Megan as the Meerkat.
Just a cool picture.
Just can't seem to get away from weddings in the summertime! Some folks were getting hitched at the zoo so I grabbed a few reception details....
We then went to the Montecito Country Club for dinner. While it wasn't the Club's best at bat in the timeliness of the food category, the food was delicious and we had a great time hanging out with Aunt Maggie, Megan and Jillian, Grandpa Blakey himself and Uncle Ken.


Joy said...

I've got to vote for the penguin pic

Anonymous said...

There are some pretty great pictures in there...I think I have to vote for Correy and the cousins immitating the penguins. It made me laugh. :)

-Stef J.

Roberta Blakey said...

Great pix! I cant decide between Billy's ape and Cory's penquin.

Mama T said...

um.. I vote.. Billy and his monkey cousin impersonation. haha! although i do give props to Cory for her penguin! haha, but i vote billy! Have tons of fun! God blessies!

Anonymous said...

Cory should defiantly win! you were good too Bill but Cory out beat you!

Kelly said...

The Cory looks cute, the monkey just looks so believable! Looks like you guys are having a great time! Great pictures -- I'm thinking I need to hire you to join us on our next vacation!