Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Great Blakey Vacation has begun!

Many of you may have received an invite via Facebook today inviting you to The Great Blakey Vacation. It has begun. That's right, the Mrs. and I are taking our first solo vacation since the honeymoon. And we're headed up the coast. We will be taking off from Corona tomorrow morning and over the next few days we will make our way all the way to San Francisco! If this is your first time on my blog, welcome! While you can't really come along but Cory and I on our trip, we want you to be involved! We will be blogging frequently throughout the trip and almost daily we will ask for your input on what we should do that day! For instance, tomorrow afternoon we have a few hours to spare, in Santa Barbara. We want your input. PLEASE VOTE using the poll below to help us decide and check back as we will be posting pictures from what we do each day. The Great Blakey Vacation. We hope you enjoy. We definitely will.

1 comment:

Mama T said...

awwww man!!! i didnt get to vote! oh! make sure you email ppl on facebook everytime you make a new poll so ppl like me will know.. **hehe** Have fun you two!!!