Monday, August 11, 2008

Day 2...a bit late

So...we had a little trouble obtaining internet for portions of our journey yesterday to post up pictures from Day 2. Day 2 consisted of our driving from Santa Barbara up to Monterey. We put out a poll a bit late regarding what we should do on the way up. The poll was officially "tied" due to an error that made the poll close early- sorry for those of you who were unable to vote! However, we did receive a couple of tie-breaking votes for Solvang as well as for the Apple Farm in the comment section of that post so that is what we did! Our poll for tomorrow should be up soon and will go until 7:30 am tomorrow morning. We will start off with some pictures from Solvang. We were trying to find something Danish.
Not a lot of Danish spelling bee champs I'm guessing....
We walked around for a bit trying to find something Danish...and then it hit us. What could be more Danish than an actual Danish?
We got the blueberry. Gotta love antioxidants.
Me trying to figure out what went wrong with our poll from my "old" iPhone.
Cory realized that if she wanted to transfer to Solvang, apparently there would be places for her to work as a Nurse.
Gotta love the signs in Solvang.
Oh yeah, this was the sign that greeted us on our way out of Solvang and we had to stop. How can you not stop to feed Ostriches?
Apparently Ostriches don't know to chew with their mouths closed. Maybe it's also because Ostriches don't really chew....
Cory was overflowing with excitement when the Ostrich came to eat from her pail.
So, I have come to the conclusion that I have NO idea how Ernst was ever able to climb and ride Clementine in Swiss Family Robinson. Serious lee, of all the animals you chould choose to ride, an ostrich? No wonder he didn't get the girl...
Next was the Apple Farm. Old World San Luis Obispo charm.
Cory, perusing the menu.
Me, stoked to find that the cornbread with honey butter was delish!
The club sandwhich. A classic. I devoured it.
There were a few spots up the coast that we stopped to take pictures. It was pretty chilly.
That's us. With the Bixby Bridge. I have to say that the fact that the bridge was constructed in 1932 was both pretty impressive and somewhat disconcerting.
We'll be posting some more pictures from yesterday as well as a new poll for tomorrow soon! Thanks for checking in!

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