Saturday, March 22, 2008

This is what I call a Saturday

Today has been a great day so far! Cory and I slept in and have taken the morning at a relaxing pace! I just purchased a new photo program this past week called Adobe Lightroom which I believe will drastically decrease my post processing time for events in the future and provide me and my clients with fresher, crisper images in less time! I am still learning it which is why it is taking me a bit wtih a couple of sessions that I am doing right now.

I have to say though, editing photos while watching March madness is the way to go. I think that there is a reason why they call this the manly month of March. I LOVE watching college basketball. The players play with heart every time and there is nothing better than the 64 best teams in the country duking it out (no pun intended) for the top spot in an all-out, cinderella filled, win or go home fashion. This truly is what Tivo was created for.

Who do you guys think is going to cut down the net this year?

Cory and I are headed to the beach in a bit and we are grabbing a night away today and we are really excited! Stay tuned for more pictures soon!

B & C

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Kelly said...

Great to hear how about a fun Saturday! Hope you enjoyed your little get away! Look forward to seeing further skills of blakey photography!