Monday, March 10, 2008

Travis and Katy

First of all, let me say that life is sweet right now! Cory and I had a great night together and are loving life! God is so good even in the midst of busyness.
Hopefully there are some of you checking this blog in anticipation right now and I am stoked about that! I am fresh off of three really fun engagment sessions that I am gearing up to blog soon!
First off- Travis and Katy. It was a couple months ago when i received a phone call from Travis. He's engaged! Travis and I are good friends from college days and I knew that whoever the Lord had for would have to be an awesome woman.
It was really fun to get to know Travis and Katy together and enjoy dinner at Buca di Bepo and some fun times in Pasadena. We heard the story of how they met and to see in what a cool way the Lord brought them together. Dad spoke. Travis listened. God worked. Katy caved. We're going to the chapel!
Travis and Katy are getting married June 28 at Forest Lawn and I am so excited for the wedding!
Enjoy the images below!

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mfloreen said...

Nice work! I can't wait to see what their wedding looks like!!