Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Carlsons!!!

WHOA!!! What a week! Cory started her career as a pediatric nurse at Loma Linda University Hospital this week so there has been quite a bit of adjusting at stately Blakey manor this week! We have been adjusting to getting up EARLY and trying to get to bed a bit earlier! Thus it has taken me a while to finish editing some sessions!
We met up with the Carlsons a week and half ago at a sweet park in Placentia with Nate, Jessica, Isaiah and Matthew. We were also joined by Sundae and Baggie (short for Baguera).
It was some great weather and we really enjoyed getting to hang out with the Carlsons again! Enjoy the photos!
The Carlsons are such a fun family!
Placentia, CA. Nate and Jessica, thanks again for the fun morning!

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Beth said...

So Christi and I were sitting here and were positively appalled because we thought Sundae and Baggie were their kids names. We talked about it for probably at least 30 seconds before realizing those are the dogs! Much love for the Blakeys from the Ng-Catron casa!