Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Some pictures, not of us

Here are a few that I took two weekends ago when Cory and I hung out in Newport. Cory and I forgot to bring our point and shoot camera and we haven't quite perfected the "self-portrait" with my honkin 5D Canon camera. As such, just a few scenic shots. Cory and I did have a great time being away. Cory started her job as a nurse a little over a month ago and has been learning a lot but transitioning to an intense job is...intense (kind of like camping). We have both definitely realized how precious our time together is. I feel like we are taking advantage of every opportunity we have to be together because it doesn't happen as easily as it used to! I am hoping to post again tonight, but I just want to say that life is good right now! And it isn't based on my circumstances! I am just really enjoying knowing the Lord and am so blessed by the people he has put around me!

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