Sunday, March 16, 2008

Shawn and Laura

Last Sunday Cory and I were able to shoot an engagement session for Shawn and Laura at the Beach in Orange County! Shawn and Laura are getting married on April 11th and I am so excited to be shooting their wedding.
Shawn and Laura were so natural in front of the camera and you could tell they were very natural with each other! You can tell that Laura adores Shawn and you can tell that Shawn lights up when he is around Laura. I am stoked that they are getting married!
We had fun walking around getting some really great shots! For engagement sessions my desire is to make the couple feel relaxed for their portraits and to have fun. I think that the best pictures capture natural emotion and that a truly great picture can never be completely posed. Cory and I had a great time with Shawn and Laura and I think the pictures show it!
I officially LOVE shooting at the beach. This was my first engagment session there. The colors are amazing and it just felt so cool to be there! I will definitely be going back.
Dana Point, CA (er, Laguna Niguel). Shawn and Laura, thanks for spending the afternoon with us and we are so excited for April 11th!

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KL Gang said...

You just keep getting better and better, Bill! Great PHOTOS!