Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Jay and Janelle

If you have seen this blog before or were a follower of the ever so sporadic posts on Better Together then you know that these two are no strangers to our blog. Jay and Janelle (known by most for the celebrity couple name Jaynelle).
These two were obvious. Thinking back over the past two years it is awesome to see the Lord grooming two people to share their lives together. It was really cool to see their relationship start, as a friendship in the college group. They both are really cool people, both dig Jesus and America's pastime. Getting to know you progressed to the DTR (defining the relationship) and the SIDOR (pronounced "Sydar"-statement of interest but denial of relationship) that everyone and their mother knew was going to be short lived.
These two were meant to be JH's together (Jay and Janelle Hobbs). Cory and I have been so blessed by these two and have really enjoyed getting to be better friends with them. Jay and Janelle's "official" relationship began the day Cory and I officially got married. We have hung out with them through the cheese and the cheese wheel. Life has been great for the Blakey's and Hobbs.
So the day that Jay and I sat down at Starbucks and he let me in on the "secret" that he was going to propose to Janelle, I had seen it long coming and knew that it fit. He would have been crazy not to.
Last Saturday, Cory and I had the priviledge to shoot an engagement session for Jay and Janelle in an urban setting. We took some photos, snuck into some buildings, saw two different wedding events in progress and ended up the night at the Cheesecake Factory where I think I am still full from.
Cory and I are both in the wedding, so we won't be "officially" shooting this one, but we are so excited for June!
The future JH's together.

Oh yeah, the hounds of fun were released...

Goin' to the chapel...

Literally the only moment of the day Janelle was able to pull off her "serious" face.

The JH EP Album cover.

A Kissing Picture. We got a few of those.

Jay and Janelle- thanks again so much for spending the afternoon with us! We are honored to stand in your wedding and to put our "true dat" to something that we obviously see the Lord working together for His glory!

Can't wait to come to the Hobbs for dinner!

B & C

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madburns said...

sweet pics... sweet post. I amen all the words except for america's favorite pastime/ boredom.

I am pumped for the couple.

nice selection of pics.
good to see a quality jumper
i am digging the shovel pic
and to one of the pics.. i say "holy sass!"