Thursday, February 21, 2008

Coollege Retreat

That's right. This past weekend Cory and I ventured up to the Crestline area for some good old fashioned college winter retreat.
We stayed in a really cool cabin that a family in the church (the Pate's) let us use! Who knew John Pate was friends with Jay Leno?
We had to move some things around to get the large TV in the living room for some serious Wii action! Jay thought that the counter in the kitchen would be a good spot for the smaller TV. It wasn't.

Had some good talks with the man, the myth, the legend Ken Flower while we were up there.

It wouldn't have been possible without Scott Burns organizing the posse and getting us up there. And for shoveling the snow to make room for a parking spot.

Driving up the mountain it was apparent just how much smog we breathe in every day. But up in the mountains-blue skies!

We only had one parking spot right at the cabin so Ken and Beth's jeep was the shuttle so that we could get around and go to the village. Nice to have a Jeep in the mountains.

Our speaker was Steve Balentine, head pastor of San Gabriel Union Church. He refreshed us with the gospel and was really gracious to spend the time with us and bring his family.

They enjoyed the Wii as well. Jonathan came pretty close to beating me at Wii baseball but I don't think he counted on the fact that I had been taking Wii 'roids. Oh, I have to go, Congress is calling...

We had some time to take some photos of Grace before the camp ended.

College camp was a great time to be refreshed and I actually felt refreshed rather than tired after coming back from the camp! Thanks Burns and Vinoj and the Balentines for putting it all together! And Staci for cooking some mean grub!

B & C

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