Saturday, April 5, 2008

Boulder City Day 1

Last weekend, it was Cory's grandfather's (Ojii) birthday. Head to Boulder City in Nevada we did.
Saturday afternoon consisted of the "younger generation" taking some time on the boat.
At the dock their were swarms of carp! Some were 3.5 feet long. I was glad no one was pushed in because I am pretty sure a carp can strip your flesh in seconds.
Here is everyone glad that they weren't eaten alive by the carp.
Pretty nice for a Saturday in Nevada.
Being on the boat was really relaxing.
Cory won the goofy face contest hands-down with the patented "triangle face."
After we got off the boat, we headed back to the house where Uncle Rob and crew had whipped up a fabulous Spaghetti dinner for us to celebrate the birthday! It was delish!
Then Ojii came out for the celebration. He received two gifts of particular note. The "Ojii is a chick magnet" shirt and a book filled with letters and pictures from friends and family expressing how much Ojii means to them.
That is all of us. As you can tell we are very intense and serious bunch!
More to come on day 2 later.

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Kelly said...

Looks like a fun time. I'm gonna have to say I like the other format a little better as you can see the pictures a lot better. And you know..THAT'S what I want to see -- your photography close and personal! Great pictures, though.