Sunday, February 10, 2008

San Antonio

Currently, Cory and I are deep in the heart of Texas. That's right. Texas. A few months ago Kelly Langenberg (see some of their family pictures here) called and asked if we would be willing to fly to San Antonio for free to surprise my parents at my dad's re-installation service. My parents have recently moved back to San Antonio to return as Pastor and Pastor's wife of Believer's Fellowship Church in San Antonio. Of course, we were happy to oblige!
The Church has been airing some radio ads about the event. Nothing like the line out the door on a Friday night at church! It was really cool to see and feel the sense of excitement that the people had!

This site- the site of some of my triumphs and defeats from my senior of highschool basketball was quite spruced up for the event. I can remember from my senior year how we called it the "icebox" because it had no heat and was only a concrete slab with four walls and a roof (talk about homecourt advantage). It was awesome to see it revamped for this event so that it could fit the nearly 700 people who came!

It has been really cool to get to have my brothers here as well (whom I don't get to see as often as I would like). It is also awesome to see the "little dude"-my nephew Tyler. He is hilarious. I just heard him say my name from the other room. That's pretty cool.

Possibly the coolest thing about the trip is how the church and us were able to keep our coming a TOTAL surprise from my parents. They had no idea! 2 Tickets to San Antonio- Free. Seeing that look on your mom's face-priceless.

Here is Cory, my mom and the instigator of us coming out there- Kelly Langenberg.

Dad (the insallee) gave the intro for Dr. MacArthur. It was really cool to hear just how God had used him in my Dad's life.

Then Dr. MacArthur spoke and he talked about how as Christians we are to be literally slaves of Christ. While that sounds really intense, it is true and it was awesome to think about how I am ok with that because of how great a Master I serve! He works everything together for my good (not necessarily my comfort), promises total satisfaction and desires for me to see the fullness of how great He is! I was stoked about the message even though we had spent almost the entire day flying!

This banner, now hanging up in the gym, originally was strung from two poles set in cement-filled tires on the slab of what is now the "Family Life Center." I can remember it being up for quite a while on the slab and it was a great reminder how everything we do is for the Lord. This weekend has been a great reminder for me how joyous it is to do everything for God's glory with fellow believers!!!


the Rehrers said...


Great pics and post about the SA weekend. I wish we could have been there. Kara and I will definitely make every effort to get together with the Corona crew while in the OC in March. See you then.

KL Gang said...

Thanks so much for being in on the surprise and it was great to see the two of you again!