Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Langenbergs!

While Cory and I were in San Antonio over the holidays, we did an impromptu photo shoot with a family who have been very dear friends to our family- the Langenbergs. Really, I just though the photo shoot would give us a great excuse to hang out with them! They are a really fun family who really loves the Lord and is a great example to me. I am glad Cory got to meet them!
The Fam

Now THOSE are some goofy faces!




The Lads all together.

Had to save this one for last. Their guys are studs! Just remember, no matter what your dad tells you, that you can't win a game from four feet beyond the three point line. Even if your name is Kendal Langenberg. Even if you are en fuego.

San Antonio, Texas

Langenbergs, it was great to hang out with you guys again! Keep it real in San Antonio!


ben said...

Sweet pics, bro. The last one is definitely the my fave, too. Oh, and Kendal and I won some basketball this week...he was en fuego.

KL Gang said...

Hey Guys ~ It was great seeing you both! Thanks so much for snapping the pictures of our family. You do such a great job. (Little more photo cropping on the mother hen, though) It will be great to see how the Lord continues to use this as an outlet for ministry for you. Thanks again!