Monday, February 11, 2008

Some of the fam

While in San Antonio this weekend, we went downtown and walked around were able to get some fun shots.
Tyler and the Ladies.

Tyler wasn't so sure about me getting the individual portrait of him. He gave me the number of his agent.

Here is one of Bobby, Christa and Tyler. Vertical.

Here is the horizontal shot in the same location. Which do you guys like better?

Tyler. What a little dude.


Bobby Blakey said...

Yo Bill and Cory, Great hanging out with you this weekend! And how nice to have Bill Blakey Photography capture it all! We are loving all of the sweet pics!

madburns said...

dude. give me the vertical... hands down

Derek said...


These are some excellent pictures...keep up the good work, brother...


Jay and Janelle said...

This may be a bit late to vote, but... vertical!