Monday, November 17, 2008

There's no retreat in this staff....


I love these people. Every year in the Fall our student ministry discipleship staff head down to Encinitas for a weekend for some good new-fashioned staff training and staff bonding. This year was phenomenal. I felt there was such a unity amongst the staff and a good time had by all. We sang, ate, learned from God's word, and stayed up way too late playing mafia.

My partner in crime Ken Flower and I had the privilege of talking with our staff about discipleship and meaningful relationship and I am very much looking forward to continuing this year in ministry alongside these brothers and sisters at my church!

I didn't get to take many photos due to the overload of awesomeness I was experiencing, but I did have the opportunity to roll down with a few of the guys to document their early morning surf sesh (I had to head back up and finish preparing to lead a discussion).



I love how these guys always pray before embarking out on a session.







Oh, and here's James and Molly.

UPDATE: Family Sessions!
If you are interested in having me take your family photos for general Christmas card awesomeness this year, let me know! I still have a few spots available to get your photos before Christmas!

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madburns said...

i cant tell you how much i enjoyed the staff pic and the entire post. great... great pictures. super cool people.

I will tell you this.. if i could pick a group of people to point my kids to Jesus.... that's the group!

curlyrunner said...

i love how Beth, has this stone cold look going on - and the baby in her arms. and i think i see maddie doing "Blue Steel" down there.

ben blakey said...

Best face in the group pic...James Dieckmeyer...hands down.

kristin said...

Hey... Jonathan looked at these was like " I know that guy". James is it? He used to work at Ganahl lumber too!

P.S. I want Christmas family pictures SO bad. We have never had those done of us before.