Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Brian + Becca

I'm not gonna lie, I've been looking forward to posting this. The only thing that could have made this engagement session more enjoyable is if my wife Cory had been able to come along. Brian and Becca were such fun to hang out with but I am pretty sure they not-so-secretly enjoyed the opportunity to hang out with each other...

Brian and Becca are getting married this coming April at the Valencia Hyatt and I am super stoked to have a front row and back row and not-in-a-row seat for the festivities!

Brian and Becca, thanks again for the wonderful day!
BLOG READERS! I've done a few different things in this post, let me know if you enjoy the album-spread esque pictures! I had a lot of fun editing this session (the new Coldplay EP helped out as well).














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kristin said...

Bill -- These are so so so good. I love how you displayed them on your blog too. Good presentation it always nice :) Great shoot.!! You got an A in my book.

Anonymous said...

Hello Bill... Rebecca's Mom and Dad here in Carlsbad..we just looked at the photos of R&B and they make us smile..you captured their happiness at being engaged! So look forward to meeting you in person in April...in the meantime, how do we place orders for prints of our favorite shots? Laurie Boone

Bill Blakey said...


Thanks! It was a ton of fun! Once I have finished editing the rest of the images, I will e-mail Becca a link to a gallery online that she can forward to you. You can order professional prints right from there!

Hanssie said...


This is my favorite session of your so far. Love the one of them in front of the train and also the closeups toward the end. Great job.

becca said...

Bill! Thank you so much! We had such a good time hanging out with you on Saturday and the pictures turned out great! I LOVE the blurry ones! Thanks again!

madburns said...

best yet my friend

Abby said...

Love it! The photos and the spread are superb. Thanks for sharing!