Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Watch the Flowers Grow

What a weekend it has been! So exciting! Early sunday morning I got a call from my good friend Ken Flower telling me that Beth was in labor. The long awaited Flower firstborn was on her way! I told Cory and neither of us could get back to sleep after that.

During the second service at our church on Sunday, I got a text from Ken stating that June Bailey Flower had arrived! Cory and I were so excited to go to the hospital and meet her and to see Ken and Beth! She is such a beautiful daughter for Ken and Beth, even at just three hours old!

It was such and surreal experience to see my good friends from college, whom I knew before they were dating each other, now enjoying the birth of their first child. You could tell that they were exuberant with excitement and Cory and I are so excited for them!

Oh, and I brought my camera along, there were some other photographers there as well. Newborn photos. Check.

Without any further adieu- June Flower.






Ken's brother Tyler was there as well with his daughter who had only been born a few weeks earlier. Her name is Jane and it was cool to get to meet her and see Tyler and Stephanie again!

This next photograph I couldn't decide if I liked it better in black and white or color. Please let me know what you think in the comments below!





First Family Photo! Congrats Ken and Beth! We are so excited for June and we're excited to watch the Flowers grow!


Kelly said...

Bill ~ I LOVE stopping by and seeing how you are capturing such tender and special events in photos for others. Your pictures are STUNNING!!!! Great job, once again!

The Hofs said...

Bill - Definitely the color photo =) The blues in that pic are gorgeous! And the baby....well she's beautiful! Blessings to the Flowers!

Hanssie said...

Black and white for sure! Great shots!

josh. said...

when in doubt, go with black and white. great shots, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Billy, I think I would go with the color on that one. Her skin is so beautiful and I think the black and white picture hides that. It's so exciting that Ken and Beth are parents! Wow! Thanks for sharing your pictures. :)
~Ashley Mehringer

Proverbs 4:18 said...

They're both good -- but I lean towards the color one because of it's vibrancy. :-)

And I love the title of this post! ;-)

Robert Campbell said...

Great shots Billy. They are the first I have seen of the little flower.


Hope you are well.