Monday, September 29, 2008

Sigg Water Bottles and Being Eco-Redemptive


Yes. I know that it has been quite a while since I have posted. I started seminary about a month ago, moved into a new place, and had two weeks where I was sick with "the sore throat that wouldn't go away" (until it went away). Life has been good and Cory and I are continuing to settle in to the new and improved Blakey casa (it is actually a casa, and not an apartmentasa).

In wanting to get back to blogging, I wanted to share something I have been thinking about for a bit. My pastor on Sunday reminded me that I had been thinking about it this past Sunday when he was telling us about the messages that he would be giving throughout the fall and he mentioned that he would be preaching on Christians and the environment, how to take care of what God has given us by being Eco-Redemptive.

In the past when I have thought about the environment, I think that I have been part of the pendulum swing. I believe that many people have looked at the wastefulness of many Americans and have violently swung in the direction of wanting to do all that they can to protect the environment. These people chain themselves to trees or live in them. One client that I worked for while an auditor was a "green" company and allowed no waste in the building. I couldn't find a trash can anywhere in the building and constantly had to leave the restroom feeling like I had just sneezed on my hands.

All throughout Jr. High and High School in Texas I remember us being placed upon water restrictions from the local aquifer. Thinking that water restrictions mean what they do in CA (ummmm, stop wasting water or there won't be any more and there won't be any crops and everyone will have to move to Arizona), I asked my Science Teacher if there was a danger of the Aquifer running out of water. He informed me that they actually hadn't been able to find the bottom of the Aquifer and that every resident in San Antonio could turn on their faucets full blast and we would all be long dead before it ran out. Turns out the Aquifer fed some springs that would run dry when the Aquifer would get below a certain level. Also turns out that these springs are home to endangered salamanders. That's right, salamanders. And so, I remember everyone's yards being constantly brown and having to think about how many showers I took to protect salamanders. And while I don't think that is a worthless goal, I also think that some citizens could take it upon themselves to relocate said salamanders to springs that wouldn't dry up....

Oh, if you haven't been up to CSU Humboldt in the aftermath of Earth Day, it is a sight to see.

I think that up until now I have viewed extreme environmentalism as somewhat bizarre and a little too over-the top. In reaction to that, I think that I have been lulled into a little apathy concerning the environment and my role.

So here is where I am at now (and I am still in process). I don't believe that preserving the environment should be given the ultimate place that many give it (I don't believe God intends this earth to make it for the long haul). That being said, I do believe that it is my privilege to be responsible as a good steward of what God has given me. How is this going to affect my life? Sigg water bottles and Brita water filters. I have been noticing over the past year that Cory and I have been using a lot of bottled water which, while it can be recycled still wastes space and has cost money that is getting more scarce these days. Our solution and one small way to help the environment- get a Sigg.

These things are sweet. I am somewhat embarassed by how I got turned on to these water bottles (A friend left it in my car, I used it a bit and ended up misplacing it- I bought him another one), but I am glad that I was. Cory's family gave me one for my birthday and I have loved it! It feels great, has a great lid, keeps the water cold and doesn't give the water the gnasty taste that I have found other clear water bottles do.

So, if you are looking for a way to be more responsible with the environment without having to give up two days chained to a tree, ditch plastic water bottles and get a Sigg.

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