Friday, December 19, 2008

Foto Friday #5- Take a Vacation



That's right, vacation. I know some of you were doubting the chances of Foto Friday's continuing regularity this week. Fear not, dear readers.

This week's tip- take a vacation. Cory and I are currently vacationing in Palm Springs for the next few days in the Westin Villas and we are loving it! I included the photo above from our last vacation that some of you may have voted to choose our adventures in the past. Cory and I loved that vacation and we did sooooo much and this vacation will be a little different. We have a sweet villa for the next few days, and no plans. Whatsoever. Oh wait, what time is it? Dinnertime. We're planning to eat dinner. That's what we have planned.

How in the world does this tip relate to photography? Here is the deal, don't let photography consume your life. In this blogosphere it is easy to look at photographer's blogs with their numerous photo shoots and busy travel schedule and to view that life as glamorous and desirable. However, knowing many professional photographers, the life is....busy, and not always glamorous as it seems. It is easy to let photography define and consume your life, to have your camera attached to the hip.

I'll keep this week's tip short. Don't let photography define your life. In this day and age, many photographers are doing photography part time (as probably are many of you), and it is easy to allow it to become a full time-preoccupation. Photography captures life, but that doesn't mean you have to miss out on yours.

I am so happy to have the next few days to just relax with the woman I love and to get to all the plans we don't have. Oh wait, we're going to dinner...


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