Monday, July 14, 2008

2 Posts -1 Week- that's crazy!

That's right folks, two, count 'em two posts this week (so far) and the week isn't over stuff.  There are some cool things that I am up to right now since the busyness of camp season has calmed down for me.  And I will be sharing them with you soon!
Weekends are a bit different for me since my wife has been working.  What does she do, you might ask?  Well, she is a RN at the uber-fabulous Loma Linda University Children's Hospital!  She has been working there for almost six months in the Intermediate ICU for pediatrics.  I was able to go visit her work with her a couple of weeks ago and it is pretty sweet!  The kids there seem really cool and she really enjoys getting to help kids and families during some tough times.
But since she has been working, her schedule has been a little all over the place due to the fact that she is the low woman on the proverbial totem pole over there.  So last weekend, I had a Saturday all alone because she was working.  It turned out to be an ok day though due to the fact I got to meet up with my brothers at In-n-Out and then I headed down to North San Diego county.
I went down to North County due to the fact I needed to get my guitar fixed.  I am leading worship in the main service this coming weekend at Northpoint Church and needed to get the pickup on my guitar fixed for that.  I bought my Taylor acoustic guitar at probably the coolest guitar store I know of- Buffalo Brother's Guitars.  
That's right, when you are driving down El Camino in Carlsbad, look for the big chicken on the roof.
For those of you who don't know acoustic guitars that well, there are two big dogs in the industry.  Taylor and Martin.  Most guitar stores that you go to will have a few Martins and a few Taylors on the wall, and then a lot of other brands that are less expensive and not quite as good in my opinion.  I remember the first time that I walked into Buffalo Brothers and was blown away by the fact that they have a Taylor guitar wall as well as a Martin guitar wall.  Pretty impressive stuff.
I was also pretty impressed with the way the repair technician James handled my service.  (If you are ever needing to get an acoustic guitar repaired, call up Buffalo Brothers and ask for James).  My pickup (the part that converts the natural sound inside the guitar into an electrical form so that you can plug the guitar in and play it over amplified speakers) wasn't working and I went into the day thinking that I would have to be making another trip down to North San Diego the next weekend to pick up the guitar after it was done getting serviced.  However, after I began to speak to James and tell him my problem, he started looking at it right away.  
He disappeared in the back for a few minutes and then 10 minutes later returned, told me that a he had replaced my power supply (which was the problem), that I was good to go and that it was a warranty repair so I didn't have to pay a dime!  There is just something about good service that makes me happy.  I'll definitely be going back to Buffalo Brothers in the future.
That's also the level of service that I'm striving to offer at Bill Blakey Photography.  One of the many things I like my photography and business is that I really want to give each of my clients a personal interaction and service to make sure that they are satisfied with the photographs and experience that they receive!
And what would be a trip to North San Diego county without some pictures of flowers and Strawberry fields!
Have a great Monday everyone!

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Hanssie said...

I loooove my Martin...doesn't ever get played though :(

Love the shots of the Taylors in a row.