Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sepia Tone Lovin'

Friday night, my wife and I had a GREAT time hanging out with a really cool family named the Spansels. They have seven kids. That's right, seven. However, their home is probably the best decorated as I have ever seen and there is a remarkable sense of order in their home and their kids are so well-behaved but also incredibly fun!
On the front end of an INTENSE game of Soccer that my wife Cory and I played with them we had the opportunity to take some fun photos. The game was ruled a tie on a controversial call (perhaps the ref was a bit out of position...)
Something that has been really fun lately has been getting to discuss photography with fun friends. A really cool friend of mine from college named Shay has been feeding me a few photoshop tips. Before the past couple months or so, I had never worked in photoshop before and it has been SUPER helpful to just get some quick tips from him and bounce some ideas off of him.
Here are the fruits of the beginning parts of my efforts on their photos. Please leave me a comment to tell me what you think!


Robert Campbell said...

Billy, these are great!

You can see some of mine at


madburns said...

dude, someone has got some skills that will hopefully pay the bills!