Monday, August 13, 2007

A few faves from the Flower Wedding

This past weekend I flew out to Dallas, TX for my good friend Tyler Flower's wedding. A lot of old friends were there and the wedding was fabulous! Ty and Steph were such fun and the whole experience was quite enjoyable!!!!! Hope you guys are enjoying your cruise. Since I was in the wedding, I didn't get a chance to do a whole lot of shooting, but I did manage to snap a few. Check them out below.
Weddings are fun, the photos should be too. If you are interested in portrait/wedding photography, e-mail Bill at


Ellen said...

so... you do weddings huh? not that I'm in need of a photographer just yet.. but wondering if you are going to make weddings a normal place for your photo taking... just a wonderin! ;)

Bill and Cory Blakey said...

Yes, actually. More and more I am open to shooting weddings. I feel I have gotten much better in my photography and while the thought of me doing a wedding by myself scares me, I think I am ready to almost give it a try!