Thursday, May 15, 2008

Christie Allen-Senior

Meet Christie Allen. Christie is a senior this year at Corona High School (my wife's Alma Matter). Christie's mom Carrie called me prior to my knee surgery inquiring about senior pictures and this was a good first shoot to jump back into after having knee surgery. Christie had originally had some senior pictures taken in a studio nearby but just didn't like the way that they turned out. I was excited that they were interested in something a little bit more my style of photography. Classy and Fun. Last Saturday, we went out to Newport Beach and spent some time getting to know the Allen's and getting some great shots!
The light was tasty.

When we were discussing the location for the shoot, Carrie asked me if there was a way to incorporate both the urban and the beach setting. Yes there was!

Let me also just say that I was instantly respectful of Christie due to the fact that she came ready for a foot picture-with the Rainbow Sandals!

You could tell that Christie is a person that loves life.

And she was able to bust out the "game time" face as well!

The jumping picture. Classic.

Christie is currently playing varsity volleyball for the Panthers and next year is going to be playing for Sonoma State University up in the bay area which I hear has a gorgeous campus. They are going to train her to be a setter. Cory had the great idea for the picture above!

Don't be surprised if you are ever on a photo shoot with me and I get excited when I see an empty parking lot.

Did I mention that I LOVE shooting at the beach? It was such a great day and so relaxed! Carrie and Christie-thanks so much for coming out! We had a great time and are excited for you guys to see the rest of the pictures!

If there are any of my blog readers who know upcoming seniors at Corona High School or Santiago High school or Centennial, I am starting a Senior rep program for next year that may interest them. If anyone is interested, shoot me an e-mail at


Hanssie said...

Nice pictures - she's a pretty girl. 2 Questions: #1 how many times did she get hit with the ball before that volleyball shot? :)#2 - did you use the 50mm 1.4 lens?

Bill Blakey said...

0 and yes, for some of the shots. I switched off between the 50 1.4 and the 24-70 2.8. Both great lenses for portrait shoots.